Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So folks, we are smack in the middle of our trip to Texas, and while I have a moment I figured I would give a quick update for those missing us at home. Our trip has been absolutely wonderful so far. I'll try to give an overview, but sitting in the sunshine with my husband while our baby takes a nice nap may lead to some distractions.

Boston to Dallas. What can I say? I am so lucky to have such a wonderful child. Declan was so excited to be at the airport and amused everyone sitting around him by his popping up and down around the windows to look at the planes. Thank goodness the windows go down to the floor. I learned a lesson about nagging Logan... that sometimes it does have a point. After getting through security, I asked him (although I figured he had done what I had asked him and told me five times already) if he had packed the bottle in the carry-on or in the checked bag. He looked at me like a deer in headlights and admitted that he had totally forgotten a bottle at all. So no bottle for Declan on the plane. OK, so seemingly disaster one. We had purposely waited until after our trip to wean him off of a bottle. Well... it seems as though we were being pushed in a different direction. Declan is being weaned off of a bottle right now.

We were seated right behind another couple with a baby that was only a few weeks younger than Declan. So they had a great time looking at each other, grabbing each other's hands and playing. However, this meant that Declan did not go to sleep. For a long time. He had more energy than I have ever seen him have. He was looking up front, to the back, standing in our laps and then doing the most amazing flips that I have only ever seen a water mammal do before. Eventually he fell asleep (with only a sippy cup and no medication). He then slept for the rest of the plane ride.

TIPS FOR TRAVELLING WITH AN INFANT: Sippy cup or bottle for sure, some small toys though they only hold their attention for about two minutes and LOTS of snacks. I think Declan ate for about 2/3 of the plane rides and I think the chewing helped with his ears.

We then arrived in Dallas where we got to meet Logan's Dad and stepmom for the first time. We got to show off our beautiful, well behaved child, and it was a good time. We spent the next day going out to lunch with some of Logan's friends and then had dinner with Logan's family at his sister Jenny's house. We had some delicious pasta, and Declan got to play with his 5 year old cousin Abby and his 3 year old cousin Owen. They were adorable together, and it was really nice to see the dynamic between them.

That was Saturday. Sunday was a pretty chill day. We let Declan sleep as much as he wanted (and since he had been waking up the household at 2am screaming because of teething we were grateful for any moments of down time). We then went out with Jenny, Abby, and Cory and had a nice afternoon letting the kiddos run around at the playground and eating at Souper Salad. I have been hearing Logan talk about this place for a long time and was pretty happy we got to go and experience the buffet. The best part was Abby;s sharing. She came over to Declan with her vanilla ice cream cone. (Now, just a note... we really don't ever give Declan sugar at all, so this was a pretty rare treat) She had her cone and a spoon and would spoon little bites into Declan's mouth. It was adorable. Declan was in love.

Monday morning we met up with my cousin, Brendan for breakfast. We went to the Original Pancake House, which had Texas sized portions for sure. After a great meal, we dropped him off and packed the fastest possible to catch our plane to Austin. We got picked up by Logan's Aunt Jill and went to Freddie's Place for dinner. (I don't know if you have noticed a theme here, but eating is a pretty important part of our trip so far). There we met up with a bunch of people from Logan's family. After catching up, we needed to get the little man in bed, so we headed back to Jill and Dennis's house.

I don't know how to even describe their house and the view. It is like a hotel . They live right on the edge of a huge cliff overlooking a big forest, and their house is infused with nature. From the pool to the reading chairs next to the fireplace outside to our own guest house... I am in love. This house may have a pretty big affect in the decision to move or not.

Oh right! We are in decision making mode about moving now!

Yesterday, Tuesday, we went and saw (and I met for the first time) Logan's grandpa, and had a nice lunch with him. Declan was more interested in crawling under the piano while we were there than eating, but it all worked out. We met up with my friend Mat for dinner at the Green Mesquite and Declan fell in love again. He and mat clicked instantly and I'm pretty sure that Declan (and I for sure) was sad to see him go.

We have been spending our nights reading by the fireplace and our days exploring and taking down time by the pool. Declan has his own personal swing and sandbox, and loves getting to be outside all the time. We will be going to look at some houses tomorrow, and after the rest of our time here, we will have a discussion and make a decision about moving soon. So for now, I am going to go and enjoy the sunshine and my husband's company.

Love to all (both here and back home!)

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