Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

So here we are... back at home, and I'm back at work. First I suppose I'll finish updating on the rest of our activities in Texas and then will get more back to my thoughts.

I left us off on Wednesday afternoon. First we went to lunch at ThunderCloud with KC and had some awesome subs. Then we checked out the Austin Children's Museum. I recommend it. It was really great for small ones that are still crawling or just walking. We spent Wednesday night having dinner with Zak, Lauren, and Austin at Z&L's apartment. We there had a delicious pizza dinner and learned more about who gets to take up more space in the apartment. (The answer is not actually Zak or Lauren... It is Zak's bikes) Declan met his new dog-brother, Marlowe, and we had a good time. Especially Declan, who found a new pet... or maybe he was supposed to be Marlowe's pet... I'm not really sure.

Thursday we grabbed Austin (of the person-variety, not the city-variety) and went house hunting. We saw some nice places and learned that we would probably be more interested in living in South Austin rather than the North, and can afford so much more than where we live now for the same price or less than what we pay for our current basement apartment. We had lunch at Chuy's and had so much good Mexican food. It perhaps deserves it's own post... thanks for the suggestion Laura! KC and the boys came over to Jill's for dinner so the little cousins got to play again.

Friday was our last full day in Austin. We spent the morning taking a three-hour hike with Declan in a hiking backpack. It was awesome and also deserves it's own post. Declan was great and had a fun time on Logan, Austin and my back... then my front where he took a nap. Since he had napped we went to lunch at Mr. Natural's, and then went back to Jill's to take a swim. Everyone came over for dinner, and we had a great enchilada casserole and tres leches cake.

Alas we had to leave Saturday morning. We took another plane back to Dallas. We went back to Logan's dad's house where Declan took a nap and we waited for Chuck and Jess to arrive from OK. They came and we all went to have a delicious sushi meal. (Although I never thought I would be the one to suggest sushi) After driving for a bit we found a really cool playground in West Dallas. It was kind of artsy... the play structures were more like fun sculptures that spun and bounced.

After our mini-trip back to Dallas, it was once again time to jump on a plane SUPER EARLY Sunday morning. Declan was good... but a little more fussy than the other plane rides. He was getting worn out for sure. He fell asleep in the last fifteen minutes of the plane ride only to have to wait around in the airport for four hours waiting for our layover flight. One more plane-ride and shuttle drive and we arrived home at last. Realizing we had no milk or food in the house, we hopped back in the car and got groceries. Back to real life.

And now I'm back at work and we are working on getting back to routine. Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

Austin Children's Museum

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