Monday, July 6, 2009

Starting Out

As always I will start this out by saying how awful I am at keeping up blogs. I do however love to read them and keep up with other people's lives, and I feel as though I must return the favor. Things here are crazy and hectic as always. Who knew that being a newlywed, a new parent, recently moving, planning a wedding, being in grad school, and working would be so hard? I guess it's good that my dad instilled a good work ethic into me. Wait... was that instilled... or pounded? Anyway... things here are good. Declan is growing like a weed and smiling more and more every day. Those smiles are pretty much what keep me going. We spent the 4th of July weekend in Rhode Island and then a couple of nights at my mom's house. Unfortunately Logan was unable to come because he had to work, but I'm sure he enjoyed the quiet house (at least a little bit). When at my mom's house, I had a run in with a beach umbrella but came out of it with all teeth in tact which I am very grateful for.

I guess that since we've gotten to the three month mark already I should do a little recap...

Newborn- 4/2/09

First Easter

About 2 months or so

Declan and Daddy at 3 months

So now we're just figureing out life as a new family. Things get easier and easier every day.

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