Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Hey guys! We made it to 2013 without the world imploding. I guess that now it's time to actually start making something of ourselves, huh? Scary!

This last month has been pretty insane around these parts, which is why things have been super quiet in this particular space. In December we moved, had the holidays, Logan was really sick for a week, and had lots of family in town. We are still pretty surrounded by boxes, but are slowly creating a new space for ourselves- including a yard for the littles to run around in.

I am so grateful for everything that 2012 contained. Lots of love from family and friends, getting to watch our tiny men grow into slightly bigger tiny men with much larger personalities than their stature shows at first glance. Logan and I have both been working our butts off at work. I couldn't be happier that at every moment we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and diapers on the baby's bottom. We had amazing (and free!) childcare which allowed us to grow in our careers and trust that our children were being taken care of. My mom moved to town. I ran my first 5K. Logan got to roast coffee. We took a mini (two night) vacation to San Antonio san kiddos together.

I got a little frustrated because I've apparently reached my photo limit here (which means I need to start doing it through a website or something, right?! Internet pals? Halp!) so with that and all the craziness that was December, I wasn't around here. But hopefully that will change and I'll get back into the groove because I really like having this space to look back to see where our lives have come from in the last four years.

Been missing ya'll!

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  1. Happy 2013 you guys! It all sounds really exciting! omg Blogger has a photo limit? One more reason I should really make the switch too. Not looking forward to that project.


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