Saturday, May 5, 2012


This morning I had a very special breakfast date. Not with my husband, but with my first born boy.

For a few days now, he has been proclaiming that I am HIS Mommy NOT Kiery's. And that Logan is KIERY'S Dada, NOT his. Things have been really great with his transition into big brotherhood, but something has been going on. His ownership of me really hit home that I need to start spending more time with him alone. After enough acting out and possessiveness of me, I asked him if he wanted some special time with just him and Mommy and he got pretty excited about the idea.

So yesterday we made a date for this morning. Dex is in love with pancakes from Kerbey Lane, and it is their birthday this week, so they have pancakes with frosting and sprinkles on them... and I've been planning on taking him all week. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We woke up this morning and got ready. He got himself dressed, with shorts and shirt on backwards obviously and we headed out. It was so nice to be able to just listen to him. His imagination is out of this world. Because while this was special mommy and Dex time, his imaginary friend (George the dragon) came with us too. I got to listen to how he sees the world where newspaper machines are robots, and his boots are dragon boots while George's boots are big brother boots. He got to hold the buzzer and we sat side by side in a booth where I learned that his favorite color is blue and gold like his eyes (and George's eyes are brown so his favorite color is brown.) His favorite movie is Yo Gabba Gabba and his favorite song is the "Ouch It Hurts" song. His favorite Muppet is Kermit and he likes to wear red socks because they are "Go Red Sox" socks.

He ate pancake bites at the same time I ate mine. He wanted water in a cup with a top so it didn't spill. As he sat next to me, he grabbed my hand to hold and said "I love you Mommy".

I am so excited that he is old enough to care about spending special time together, and I can't wait for all the adventures we will have.

*Pics are taken with my cell phone- sorry for the quality

Deckie got birthday pancakes and Mommy got regular

Keeper of the buzzer

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