Thursday, February 16, 2012

Papa is here

Tonight Dex is having a sleepover with Papa at his hotel. It's after midnight now, so I'm guessing things are going ok. It was nice to have a quick surprise-ish (well... very little notice anyway) visit from my dad. We spent the day playing at our house, on the swings at the playground, and taking a train ride. We attempted to swim at Papa's hotel, but their indoor pool was connected to the outdoor pool and while it was "heated"... not quite warm enough for our standards. However, Kieran did have his first (short) dip in the pool and a slightly longer dip in the hot (more warm) dip in the hot tub. (Note: not very long. I know littles aren't supposed to be in hot tubs for extended amounts of time. Especially boy littles)

When Papa went to check into his hotel and we were going to have D have some quiet time before reuniting, he cried, tried to escape to find Papa, and got his bathing suit out by himself. Needless to say- he is pretty much in love. 

We spent the night in, eating pizza and watching tv before K and I headed out to leave the two boys to their slumber party. Tomorrow we'll have breakfast and then my dad will be on his way. 

But for now, I have my littlest boy asleep next to me (I think cosleeping is our foreseeable future) that I can fully and selfishly lavish all my adoration upon for the next few hours without having to split it. Even if that just means staring at him while he sleeps. 

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