Monday, November 14, 2011

Can't believe I never posted this picture. It certainly got sent out to grandparents.

Look at that little imp. Something is up with that boy. I suppose it could just be that he is two... but I think that he is really just starting to realize that Kieran has stolen our attention. He still loves Kieran and gives him kisses and makes sure he has his blanket and pacifier... but Dex has been climbing into my lap and demanding cuddles. This hasn't happened in a really long time. He's generally pretty independent. There is much showing off of his will. Strong will, that boy. He pitches fits, and it is so hard for everyone because we are so low on sleep. Everyone. Including him. Because he fights it.

Bedtime has become one of the worst times of day. #2 being nap time. We are working on it, and tonight we tried something different, and he was actually asleep by 9:30 which is really good. I wouldn't care if he was awake if he would stay in his bed... or even in his room. It becomes a game, and... ugh. I don't need to get myself worked up right now. Because he's actually asleep and it's 10pm and I can actually have a few minutes of alone time because *gasp* Kieran is asleep too.

It's less than three weeks until we go home to visit! I am so excited. Slightly nervous about travelling with two small children by myself... but not really. I am borrowing one of those dollie things that you can strap a car seat to for in the airport. I will have a car seat to put Dex in on the plane. (Instead of being in my lap and fighting him to stay in his seat for four hours) We caved and got a portable DVD player and headphones. Last year we were in the car. A. Lot. (And he had a double ear infection and I didn't know it.) So he was pretty much miserable. I can't believe I didn't get one then. However, with two kiddos to tow around... this year... when we're in the car for awhile he can watch a movie.

I really struggle with keeping the house clean. Playing with the kids, educating Dex some, doing the laundry... those I can do. Keeping the clutter and dishes at bay... that's a whole other story. With two kids, I find it almost impossible to clean. When I get a free moment, all I want to do is sit down and take a breath for a minute. However, Logan and I have been working on getting the house a WHOLE lot more organized. There has been furniture rearranging and stuff put away in tupperware boxes and... it's getting there. There is still a lot to get done, but I am SO much happier with less junk on the floor.

Tonight we flipped Declan's bed over, so it is now a loft bed. (Let's hope this works out and doesn't end up with a broken arm. It's really not that tall, but still). I then decided to make use of that space and put his low shelf with drawers of toys in it. I had been keeping toys out of his room to make it a place to sleep.. but he hates sleeping anyway... and since the bed is higher, it kind of created a place just for him. (And it's not in our living room... yay! Now there are some toys, but it's mostly his play kitchen and there is actually room for his easel). So the living room and the boys' room looks much better.

I think I'm going to stop because I'm pretty much rambling. I don't talk to a whole lot of grown-ups, so it's nice to let the words all spill out sometimes.

Oh, and there was some baby picture taking this weekend... but Logan has the camera in the car at work. So... soon! They will be up soon!

Night all!

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