Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out with the boys

Things have been going well here. My mom came to visit, followed by Logan's mom, and then Logan's sister. Kieran is almost three weeks old, and we have had so much help! It has been amazing. We are now back to being on our own and settling down into our routine. 

But hey! You guys! Today I took the two boys out BY MYSELF. We went to the playground and then to Summermoon to visit Daddy. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to get us together and out the door without any help. And Kieran needed to be fed at both the playground and at Summermoon and I was able to watch Dex and nurse Kieran at both places. (Ok... maybe I got a little help from Daddy at Summermoon so I didn't have to take both boys into the bathroom) BUT, I think that this is looking good toward the future. Watch out... we are on the move. Now... we just need to make some Mommy friends here in Austin and we'll be all set. 

And fyi...

Kieran at birth: 7 lb 4 oz- 19.25 inches
Kieran at 5 days: 7 lb 7 oz- 19.5 inches
Kieran at 12 days: 7 lb 14.5 oz- 20 inches

We have a growing boy on our hands

Here are some pics from the last three weeks. I've done a pretty terrible job at taking photos but now that we're settling down I'll try to get better at it. 

Love to all and thanks to everyone that sent a card or a package! We're feeling the love!

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