Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey guys... I only have eight weeks left? How did that happen so fast? Now, I know that two months is still awhile, but really... eight weeks? I can't believe that in about two months I will be the mother of two. Declan will transform from being the only into a big brother. I think I've always been able to picture myself as the mother of more than one child. Heck, I've taken care of enough kids to know at least a little of what it's about... but I really can't picture Dex as having a younger brother. I know that we will all grow together every single day, but for right now... I really can't picture it.

I haven't really commented too much on the actual pregnancy lately. That's because it is all going pretty swell. Every now and then I get a little emotional. (And Logan, if you read this... remember that it really IS only a little compared to last time haha). Every now and then I get tired, or don't feel a little well... but that really is only now and then. For the most part I feel absolutely fine. One or two tiny spider veins and a bit of heartburn, but other than that I really don't have much to complain about.

I had an ultrasound at my 30 week appointment (two weeks ago) and everything looked great. The baby was measuring in at 3.5 lbs which is the 53rd percentile... so, right on the mark. I had actually lost three pounds between my previous appointment and then, but gained most of that back in the last two weeks. As of right now, I have gained just shy of 16 pounds.

People have actually given me some words about this. Not so much now that my belly is actually bigger, but before I would get comments about how I didn't look pregnant at all or was really tiny. Now, a word to the wise... Don't ever comment on how big a pregnant woman looks. Ever. Not if she's big, and not if she's small. If she's big, she probably thinks she's 100 times bigger than she actually is and really doesn't want to hear that she looks like she's having twins. (Ha ha? No, I think not) And if you tell her she looks small, you probably think that you are giving her a compliment. Actually you are giving her a reason to stress about whether or not everything is good and healthy and growing right. It's a really backhanded compliment so... it's probably better to just not say anything at all.

I am perfectly healthy. All my tests are great. The baby is also super healthy and moves around all the time. Like right now for instance. So... my weight gain is right where it should be. Even though it's definitely less than it was with Declan.

But enough about that. Love to all, here and back home!


  1. People lose all sense of tact around pregnant women!!!!!!! so lame.

    AHHHHHHHHHH that means 8 weeks until I have a two year old!!!!!!!

    You, Logan, and Declan will all be fab in your new rules with the new baby! <33333333

  2. also roles, sorry, my brain turns off at about 8 PM


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