Sunday, April 17, 2011

Potty Training

So we are now really and truly in the midst of potty training. Yesterday we went and bought eight new pairs of training underwear. Which is nowhere near enough. But man... that stuff is expensive! He did well yesterday. Only a few accidents. But he was mostly running around outside and a lot of the time was in a bathing suit and could just have the hose turned on him and his little puddle.

Today, however, I attempted to go out. Without a diaper. And silly me... without a change of clothes. We didn't go far. Just to Summermoon to say hi to Daddy and get some muffins and bananas and bagels. And I didn't even make it to getting my drink due to bathroom runs. We went before we left the house. Then again when we got the not-even-quarter-mile down the road. Then again once we had just returned the bathroom key. Man oh man. It gets tiring quick. We were able to sit down and eat our food. And after awhile, I had forgotten. And we had an accident. With no change of cloths. Silly mommy. So we stripped down and headed home with a bare bummy. Luckily when mommy is the one setting the pace it takes about two minutes to get home. Then a new change and another trip to the potty. One more accident later here we are.

And it's 11am.

But then I get to look at this face and it's all worth it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to eat him. Ahh so sweet.

    And of course, accidents happen and they'll get to be less and less <3


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