Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost 22 Weeks

Well folks, I've gone and done it. I've officially (in my mind anyway) popped. It has been too hot to wear jeans, but I bet that I can't fit into them where two weeks ago I was perfectly comfortable. I am really, for the first time, starting to feel pregnant. I feel as though my center of gravity has shifted, and my body is feeling the stretch. I've been getting slight ligament stretching pains, but nothing like last time. And my back is starting to realize that it's doing a whole lot more work.

All in all I still feel really good, but I'm definitely starting to feel different. Also that whole hormone thing has been starting to hit this week, too. So far I feel as though I've actually stayed pretty calm and normal but now I see something even slightly sentimental on TV and I tear up. Anything involving a dad and daughter... forget it. I'm a mess. And if you mess up my food order be prepared to feel daggers shooting out of my eyes. (Sorry Logan!) It's really not all the time, but the overwhelming feeling is starting to take over from time to time. I know that it will all be fine, and I'm really lucky to have gone this long feeling so great... but we still have 18 weeks left. Yes, less than half. But still. 18 is a lot. The WHOLE summer in TEXAS. With the temperature already in the 90s quite often... I'm nervous.

But onto a much cuter subject. Dex! He has been doing SO well at going on the potty the last few days. He has been holding it and we're working on him understanding what it feels like to have to go before it actually happens. He's gone a bunch at home and a few times at school. I think it's really time to start getting potty trained. I have been wanting to start for months, and we've been slowly leading up to it, but I think that he has been really showing us that he is ready now. I guess training underpants is next to get on our shopping list. Wish us luck!

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  1. <3 Aw you look so so so so pretty! The best thing about being pregnant in the summer is getting to wear teeny sundresses and that's way more comfortable than being bundled up anyway.

    Wish I could be there to talk and take our kiddos to the park together :(



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