Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ahh... sitting here in the coffee shop (aka Logan's new work) and using their internet for all it's worth. Trying to get work done with babies is hard! I've been working with a potential (eek!) employer today, trying to get them some proof that I graduated from Wheelock. Seeing as I have moved a million times since graduating I obviously no longer have my transcripts or degree. In trying to get this information I tried getting to several libraries which my GPS was wrong about? They apparently don't actually exist? The library close to us is closed, and when I finally found one that both existed and was open... the wait to use the computers was over an hour. Crazy. And also not possible with a child.

So I tried to come over and use the coffee shop with three boys in tow. Logan is helping Austin move and they brought Dex with us to get coffee while I attempted to solve problems. I finally pseudo-solved them, but not really and decided to go home. After another call to Wheelock I decided to try something else online, which meant another trek back to the coffee shop with all my bags and Declan by myself because now the boys are off and moving. I maybe, hopefully solved it?

I am so lucky to have a good child. He has been amusing himself by shaking the bottle of Tylenol he found in my purse, being spun in the chair next to me, drinking his juice and trying to unlock the vintage luggage that is on display near us. All in all, a hopefully successful internet trip... but more successful in helping me to realize once again what a lucky Mommy I am.

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