Monday, September 27, 2010


Soooo... the big news is that both Logan and I have jobs now! I think I posted about his job before, but he is working at a coffee shop across the street. The owners are really nice and it is a super laid back environment. He is happy and it is nice for him to be back in the game.

I don't want to jinx myself seeing as how my last job went. But this job already has paperwork for me and copies of my license so I already have a better feeling about it. I got a job working full time (yay!) as a Lead Floater at a pre-school. I start training tomorrow and start working at the school on Wednesday. The great news is that Declan can go there for a huge discount. He started this morning. His teacher seems really nice and he seemed happy. No tears (today anyway) when we left. I'm nervous, but I know that he will be fine. The last place was just so terrible at transitioning him in, and I think it left minor scars on both of us. I'm happy that we're in a much better situation.

We are getting settled in our place even though we only have a month left there. I am so grateful to have our own place right now, but it will be nice when we have somewhere for longer where we can actually unpack. Our next week is the start of so many visitors! Logan's mom is coming this weekend, Dan will be here for a week starting next Wednesday and then my mom is coming for the long weekend starting next Friday. I'm pretty psyched to get a big dose of family time.

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