Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Employers,
It would be really great if any of you would respond to my job applications. I put in the effort to fill out your paperwork and write personalized cover letters to you, and I haven't gotten a single thing back. From anyone. With my time and effort put in, is it so wrong to expect even a copy and paste rejection email?

What am I doing wrong?

Dear Austin (Texas) and anyone that lives there,
Do you have any jobs available for me? I think our plan (if we can get jobs that is) will be to move there July 1. Yikes that is soon! I would prefer a job that requires more than a high school diploma considering that I just got my Master's... but I'm not too hopeful right now.

Life is moving too fast,
Job Hunter

Dear Knot in my Stomach,
It would be really great if you went away. I know there has been a lot of stress around inviting you in, but I'm kicking you out. I'm taking deep breaths and I know that it will all work out just the way that it is supposed to... but you are not making things easier.

Done with you,
In -Out- In- Out

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