Friday, May 21, 2010

Back to Normal

Things have been calming down for the most part here. Nothing too crazy is going on. Life has been back to normal this week... pretty much just work for both Logan and I. Declan has been a little off? Maybe a tummy bug or something but other than a few isolated incidents he has been fine so I'm not really sure.

I'm in the bad part of the moving stages. I know that we will be moving soon, which is making it seem pointless to clean up. Housework has gone down the tubes the past two weeks. I didn't really feel like emerging from under the covers long enough to do laundry or wash dishes. However... these two things have been attacked in great force the last few days. Dishes are mostly done thanks to Logan and the laundry has been greatly reduced thanks to me. It's the rest of the cleaning that I don't want to do. I know that I have to scour everything and toss so much stuff that I really don't want to even start cleaning. I know it will be a huge project. Ugh.

Tomorrow we're going for a playdate with Lauren, Craig, and Sierra. Perhaps some Castle Island with the kiddos. It will be nice to have a day where Logan and I both have it off and I don't have school. That hasn't really happened yet. I get to play! Yay! Also... his mom will be watching the baby sooooo we can actually have GROWNUP TIME. It is desperately needed. We did have a date night last weekend but it didn't start until like 8:30 and by then I was ready to go to bed and slept for part of the 9:30 movie.

Anyway... I guess nothing really to discuss today. Just working on getting back to normal.

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